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There's a world beyond heating and cooling. Oh yes! Your home's comfort does not solely depend on heating and cooling, there is in fact, more to that and what that is? That is; Indoor air quality. You could be getting just right warmth and you could be receiving the just right cold blows and yet feel uncomfortable because of the stale and dirty air that you feel sticking to your throat with every breath. Did you know that every square foot of area in a home has millions of air contaminants? And did you know that the dirty air often becomes the primary cause of not only the indoor discomfort but also of serious illnesses? And that, many pollutants are produced in the indoors while many others peek in from the outside. But the good news is; you can control the quality of air and can make it better to live a healthy life and enjoy a comfortable indoors.

Efficient Air Cleaners at affordable rates

Now in Woodbridge, Clean Air sells top quality Air Cleaning appliances of Lennox, Honeywell and others. Our offered products ensure 98.99% contaminant-free air. Whether you are looking for combating pet dander, bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, odour, smoke or any other contaminants in your home, we, the Clean Air have Air Cleaners that can resolve your concerns of IAQ in the best possible manners. Connect today to make a wise purchase.

Compact heating and cooling solutions in Woodbridge

We are dealers of all home comfort HVAC and IAQ appliances. We cover summer needs as well and winter needs while also offer sales & services of HRV systems, Humidifiers, Air Filtration products and others to make sure not only your heating and cooling but also your IAQ needs are fulfilled.

Our services include; Installation, maintenance, repair, replacement and relocation of all the above-mentioned appliances. We know what's the correct recipe for comfort so you can rely on us and our services with absolutely no worries.

Have your concerns raised about IAQ lately and your home's overall comfort? It is good that you are at least thinking to make the changes that are needed by the times we are living in. Connect with us today to have your HVAC issues resolved. Call 905-201-1293

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