Duct Cleaning Services

If you've central heating/cooling system at your home, you sure have a duct as well. Ducts are passageways that are used to circulate treated air inside the home in order to create an indoor temperature as per required. Furnaces, as well as Central Air Conditioners, require a duct that supplies the air to the entire house. Since ducts are passageways through which air passes, they do get clogged over time due to the dust and debris that the air takes with it. Although there are filters at the supply and return ducts, a lot passes through the ducts and circulate again in the room sometimes by taking the dust that has been gathered inside the ductwork. In order to improve the air quality, it is crucial to clean the air duct at least once a year and preferably after every six months. If you've heard that Duct Cleaning is a scam and is doesn't make any difference, you might want to consider these benefits that Duct Cleaning has;

Why do Duct Cleaning?

* Clean ducts provide clean air while dirty ducts pollute the circulating air
* Duct Cleaning helps reduce the possibility of allergens and irritants
* Duct Cleaning helps improve air flow
* Duct Cleaning also help save energy since with dirty ducts, appliances have to insert more effort to push the air.

Clean Air Duct Cleaning Services

At Clean Air Heating and Cooling Services Inc., your comfort is our top most priority. We want to provide every single GTA home with ultimate indoor air experience and for that, we're providing not only sales of heating and cooling products but also offer complete services for all the HVAC and HVAC related needs. Since Ducts are an important part of the heating and cooling system, we are offering Duct Cleaning services throughout Toronto and in over 20 GTA areas. Our Duct Cleaning services include;

* Cleaning of filters
* Cleaning of ductwork
* Checking ductwork for leaks
* Cleaning the blower/condenser
* Cleaning of vents
In addition to Duct Cleaning services, we also offer Ductwork Installation services at minimal rates.

Why choose professional Duct Cleaning?

It is interesting that some people think Duct Cleaning isn't important at all and makes no difference to the indoor air. The facts are totally otherwise. Not only the dirty ducts reduce appliance efficiency but also provide poor indoor air. While on the other hand, Professional Duct Cleaning can help increase efficiency and lifetime of the appliance and also help in improving the indoor air quality. Here's what people usually ask about a Do It Yourself duct cleaning;

''Is DIY Duct Cleaning okay?''
The answer is; It can and cannot be since it depends on whether or not you're aware of the professional way of cleaning. Usually, we prefer homeowners to rely on professional services because a neophyte attempt for Duct Cleaning can cause problems. The mistakes that homeowners usually make while Duct Cleaning is that they pump the dirt more inside than pulling it outside, create a mess all around, cause blockage by pushing the dust and debris towards duct corners and turn ways etc. And this type of faulty cleaning is surely not cleaning nor would it help improve efficiency.

Save time, save energy and spend a few dollars on exclusive services. Call us for Duct Cleaning Services anytime and get yourself ready to enjoy supreme indoor air experience because.....Duct Cleaning is important! Oh, once again, Professional Duct Cleaning is important.