Duct Cleaning Services

The maintenance and cleaning of ducts is a key factor for the successful operation of heating and cooling system and healthy indoor air comfort. Although not visible to the naked eye, the air we breathe contains particles that can be harmful to health. In a closed home, where the air is generated by cooling and ventilation systems, the possibility exists that these particles is much higher than outdoors.

Do I need an Air Duct Cleaning?

Among the possible sources of contamination, the ducts are a strategic place to consider as it passes through all the air we breathe. Cleaning and maintenance should become a priority as well, which in the future will prevent health issues and heating and air conditioning problems. A bad or no duct cleaning can cause health issues and affect the functioning of your entire central heating and cooling home comfort system.

Our Quality Duct Cleaning Toronto Services

The Clean Air Heating and Cooling Inc. technicians are experts in Toronto duct work services, as they have knowledge of the duct work installation, duct cleaning and common problems of the residential duct work installed in the homes of Greater Toronto Areas.

We offer professional and quality services of residential duct cleaning and duct repairs. Our customized duct cleaning trucks are loaded with mounted vacuum system. Our technicians make sure that the furnace and air handles turned off during the procedure of duct cleaning. All debris within the ductwork is vacuumed and captured directly into specially designed HEPA vacuum bags within the truck thereby reducing any contamination to our environment. We only use Benefect – a Health Canada approved anti-microbial sanitizer as a complimentary addition to our duct cleaning service. After the whole duct cleaning process is complete our technician will ensure that your furnace/air handler is turned back on.