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So you're looking for a residential Furnace, yes? Congratulations on landing at the right web page. It's Clean Air Heating and Cooling Services Inc. and we're among Toronto's leading companies that provide world class residential heating and cooling services. With special reference to our Furnace services, we are honoured to have made thousands of customers, happy customers, installing hundreds of Furnaces throughout Toronto and GTA, making home capable of providing super warm air in the Winters with an improved indoor residential experience.

The most commonly used way for home heating among the GTA residents is heating through a central heating system using gas or oil Furnaces. And GTA people are no doubt smart for making this choice because central heating is among the most effective ways to heat or cool the indoor air while making the least energy use and making possible whole home air treatment. To satisfy the heating needs of our fellow citizens, we're offering Furnace sales and services that include;

● Sales of High-Efficiency Furnaces of top notch brands
● Professional installation of Furnaces
● Furnace Maintenance and Repair Protection Plans (discounted)
● Furnace Replacement
● Furnace conversion from Oil to Gas or Gas to Oil

Furnace Maintenance:

Okay! Goes without saying that maintenance is important no matter how recently or how efficient a product you've bought. Furnaces that are not maintained well fail to deliver supreme efficiency while also break down before the estimated lifetime. It is, therefore, important to keep the Furnace well maintained since purchasing only a quality product will not suffice for a long-term efficiency. And what does maintenance include? Roughly, Furnace Maintenance includes;

1. Cleaning of Furnace Filters
2. Cleaning of blower assembly
3. Checking burner
4. Checking vents and chimneys for possible blockage
5. Checking gas pipes for possible leakage
6. Checking incoming and outgoing air pressure
7. Checking electric supplies for possible damage

Appliance maintenance in a one-liner is basically a check-up to make sure your appliance is working properly. But maintenance could be a hectic task for you if you've got busy routines or just are too cautious to not damage your Furnace in an attempt of saving it from possible damages. While maintenance and tune-up include risks too, it is always sane to seek professional help in order to make sure an efficient maintenance is made and no harm occurs to the system. Since we know how busy the days and nights today are and how difficult it is to take time out for things when it is already hard to make time for humans, we've decided to make things easy for you. At Clean Air Heating and Cooling services, we're offering Furnace maintenance services throughout Toronto. We do maintenance for you so that you can utilise your time elsewhere. Although the maintenance services are for our existing as well as non-existing customers, we've and exclusive Protection Plan designed in order to help you save on maintenance and repair.
For details; 905-201-1293

Oil to Gas Furnace conversion Services

Hundreds of homeowners have converted their Furnaces from oil to gas in the recent years owing to the decreased prices of gas. Some people also choose gas over oil since it works more efficient. However, there are places where there is either no availability of gas or it's hard to run Furnace on gas due to low pressure. Such homeowners have to have their Furnaces on oil. The oil to gas or gas to oil conversion requires professional help, we, therefore, are providing professional services of Furnace conversions from oil to gas and gas to oil at reasonable prices.
In order to have our Furnace services from Furnace Installation, maintenance and repair to Furnace relocation and Furnace conversion, give anytime a call at; 905-201-1293

What does basic and standard Furnace installation includes

The Furnace includes standard installation for existing wiring, ducting/venting. Electrical renovations or permits extra if required.

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