Toronto Furnace Services

Living in Toronto and worried for Furnace Services? Breathe deep and calm down, there's no need to worry anymore. We understand that there are several companies and contractors claiming to serve while they fail to stand true to their claims, Clean Air Heating and Cooling Inc. is but an exception and a service that is not going to ruin your day with poor services or trash your hard earned money with improper sales or installations. We do what we claim to do and Furnace service is among one of our exclusive services. Here's what we do:

Furnace Sales - Discounted Rates with Premium Quality

We hate compromising on quality. So here's one thing we need to make very clear: when we say low rates, we do not mean low quality. Being one of the premium dealers of one of the best Furnace manufacturing company Lennox, we are able to sell high-quality energy efficient Furnaces at relatively low rates. Our sales services are for the entire Toronto and for several other GTA areas. When you purchase from us, relax 100% that the product is going to last longer than your expectation and efficient than your imagination.

Furnace Repair & Maintenance - One call away

Installing a Furnace is one worry, keeping it maintained like a pro is another. Until and unless an appliance is maintained well, it does not complete its life span and falls to corrosion much earlier. In order to provide homeowners with premium Furnace Maintenance Services, Clean Air Heating and Cooling vows to provide 100% authorised and 100% certified Maintenance Services. We offer Protection Plans that come with discounted rates for both maintenance and repair. Savings all the way!

In addition to providing annual maintenance services to our existing as well as the non-existing member, we also provide Furnace Repair services throughout Toronto. Whether you've broken your Furnace accidentally, it has stopped working due to some part replacement needs or anything else has happened that now needs to be repaired, Clean Air is all set, all ready 24/7 to serve. Our lines are never off. Call us anytime for any type of Furnace Maintenance and Repair needs.
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