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The insufficient Furnace Cleaning

No, you did that wrong if you cleaned your Furnace from the outside and made it shine like a brand new mercedes but forgot to ward of the inside dust ghosts. Well, there’s no need to feel offended since this is the same what most GTA homeowners do. This could probably be because they assume Furnace cannot be dirty from inside as they already use a furnace filter to trap the dust and change it regularly too. This assumption isn't 100% wrong. Furnace filters do help keep the inside of a Furnace clean but the drawback is, even Filters fail to trap contaminants completely and this way give way to millions of particles to go inside the Furnace and hinder its efficiency. Cleaning the Furnace from the outside is great! Keep doing that but also keep reminding yourself that the inside is what affects the efficiency the most. So what to do? How to clean a Furnace like a pro?

Clean Furnace - Improve Efficiency

You read it right. Cleaning of the Furnace can actually improve efficiency. The majority of the GTA homeowners face Furnace Repairs primarily because of their negligence towards proper cleaning. Contrary to this, homeowners who regularly clean the Furnace or take professional help for cleaning have to face repairs and breakdowns relatively less often. The filter, the blower, the burner, the electrical supplies, the thermostat, the pilot, the heat exchanger and all that a Furnace holds inside the assembly needs to be cleaned and checked for proper operation. Homeowners often find this type of cleaning hectic for themselves. It is for this reason that we are offering professional Furnace Cleaning services throughout Toronto and in several other GTA areas. Get to know the details of our Furnace Cleaning services below:

Clean Air, Furnace Cleaning Services

Here's what we do when we are all set to clean your Furnace
1. First of all, we make sure the Furnace has no other problem by taking a test run
2. Wash/Replace Furnace filters
3. Blower wheel and blower fan inspection, cleaning and oiling
4. Cleaning of flame sensors
5. Cleaning of burners
6. Inspection of Heat Exchanger
7. Cleaning of interior and exterior cabinets
8. Removal and cleaning of pilot assembly
9. Cleaning and inspection of wiring and electrical connections
10. Running Furnace as a test Run to make sure an efficient performance

Although complete Furnace Cleaning is not an impossible Cleaning to do it yourself, due to safety measures and other risks we suggest homeowners to take professional help for Furnace Cleaning. There are incidents when individuals ended up damaging their system or hurting themselves while doing a DIY detailed cleaning. In order to avoid any such risks and damages, play smart and call professionals so that you could enjoy supreme Furnace performance with a cleaner and happier Furnace. O yes, A Happy Furnace.

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