High Efficiency Heat Pumps

You can kill two birds with one arrow and ask how? Heat your home in Winters and Cool it in Summers with one single appliance i.e Heat Pump. O yeah! Heat Pumps work like refrigerants. Warmth is absorbed from the environment by running particular liquid through the unit and is then released towards the inside of the home. This is for Winters. The reverse process takes place in Summers. The indoor heat is absorbed and expelled out of the home. So here you go, cool in Summers, warm in Winters. Heat Pumps have earlier been used for whole home heating/cooling, however, these days they are used as an outdoor unit for Mini Split Air Conditioners thus made capable of cooling entire home as well as zone cooling. Before you explore our Heat Pump products, here are some quick tips to consider while purchasing a Heat Pump;

1. The weather conditions matter a lot. Since heat pump sucks the environmental heat, it works perfectly in hotter climates, however, is not suitable for colder climates.
2. You should also consider the size of your home while purchasing a heat pump. A smaller than required size will fail to deliver the required efficiency while a larger than required size will take more energy and will result in more energy bills.
3. One of the major factors that need to be considered while purchasing Heat Pumps is the eco-friendly nature. The R22 heat pumps are highly ozone depleting so choose what’s ozone friendly.

Why professional Installation?

Still wonder why professional installation when you already messed up with the last home appliance that you self-serviced? The reason why we endorse professional installation is that the lifetime, as well as the efficiency of an appliance, depends to a great extent on the quality of installation. Often times, homeowners come up with complaints of sudden appliance breakdown or the complaints of appliance showing regular repair needs. This happens because of two main reasons;
One is the unprofessional installation while second is the lack of maintenance. By spending a little on the installation, not only the overall efficiency but also the lifetime of an appliance can be increased.
We at Clean Air offer heat pump services throughout Toronto and in several other GTA areas. The exclusiveness of our services is here under

Why Choose us?

Choose us because:
We sell quality products of renowned brands that too with warranty
We have a Protection Plan to help you save on repairs and replacement
We have trained and NATE, TSSA certified staff and friendly customer care representatives
We respond to customer complaints until they get complete satisfaction
We have the best affordable rates
We have 24/7 customer care service and minimum response time

And above all, your home is our home. So we make sure to set up an enjoyable indoor heaven for you no matter what the season is.

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