Air Cleaners

High Quality Air Cleaner

Air Cleaners are one of the most economical ways of eliminating the air pollutant and enjoy the clean and fresh indoor air. Air cleaner are specially made to remove air pollutant from the indoor air of your home. They can be installed in the ductwork of conventional central heating and air conditioning home comfort system used by the homeowners of Toronto. Most air cleaning devices are designed to remove particles or gases, but some destroy contaminants that pass through them.

Clean Air Heating and Cooling Inc. offers you the quality Air cleaners, indoor air quality products with our expert home comfort advisor specially selected air cleaner product lineup for your home in Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Scarborough, Hamilton, Brampton, Oakville and other GTA Areas.

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Air Cleaner

HEPA Air cleaner are also known as HEPA Filter the most economical way of having pure and fresh indoor air for your GTA home. HEPA filter are easily installed in your ductwork and protect your furnace / boiler and air conditioning unit to get contaminated with dust and other air pollutants and gives you and your family clean and fresh air. The HEPA air cleaner can also avoid frequent duct cleaning. Clean Air Heating and Cooling carry only quality HEPA air cleaner brand such as Lennox with its extended warranties. Call us now to find out more about HEPA Air cleaner/HEPA filers.

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