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''Air Cleaners'', aha! Clean Air and Air Cleaner sound cool together. Don't they? When it comes to the quality of the air that you breathe, never underestimate the importance of quality products and quality services. With the growing ratio of Air Pollution, breathing in Clean Air is continuously becoming a matter of concern. Although all we can do to clean the outdoor air is to grow more plants and avoid polluting the air, there's something great that can be done about cleaning the indoor air. In the case of outdoor air, you can never be sure of the quality, and can never be sure how your efforts of ''Go Green'' actually made the environment green. The opposite is possible when cleaning the indoor air. It is now possible to not only clean the indoor air but also to measure the quality of the air you breathe. You were resting in your cosy couch and meanwhile, technology has done wonders. Let's just take a look at Air Cleaners.

Clean Air's economical Air Cleaners

Air Cleaners help trap air pollutants as the air passes through them. In a Lennox Air Cleaner, there are usually three layers. A pleated filter that traps solid particles, a UV lamp that activates the catalyst and a Titanium oxide catalyst that removes odours and gaseous impurities from the air. Almost the same mechanism is used in the conventional Air Cleaners of other makes and models. No matter what mechanism they use, the thing that is of primary concern for common people is; What benefits do Air Cleaners have and to what extent do they clean the air? Here's the answer:

Benefits of Air Cleaners

* They can be used to combat hay fever/pollen allergy
* Dust allergies can be reduced
* Smoke and odour can be removed using Cleaners that employ activated carbon
* 98.5 percent pollutants can successfully be trapped using high-efficiency filters

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter

We at Clean Air sell and install HEPA Filters of Lennox and other renowned brands. These filters are installed in the ductwork and are known for trapping up to 95% air pollutants. In addition to providing cleaner air, HEPA filters also help keep the duct system clean as well as the HVAC appliances by not contaminating their inbuilt filters. HEPA filters aren't expensive and these qualities, on the whole, necessitate the installation of one such Filter particularly if one is living in an area of high air pollution.

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