Toronto Air Conditioner Services

Guess who you need to thank for bringing you the breeze like the air that you enjoy sitting within the four walls when it is barbaric hot outside? Well, if you don't know the answer, here it is: Willis Carrier. Oh yeah! Willis Carrier the founder of Carrier company as well as the founder of modern Air Conditioning. Thanks Carrier! Many thanks!

Okay well, let’s turn the topic upside down. Who else do you think you need to thank for the cooling comfort that you enjoy at your homes in Summers? Least are the chances that you'll be able to guess this so here you go; Your HVAC service provider. Ever wondered had there been no HVAC service providers, how difficult it would be to make the home comfort heating and cooling possible for ourselves? Although it wouldn't have been impossible to do it on our own, it certainly, would be a tough job to do. So, a standing ovation for all the devoted HVAC service providers and indeed indeed a standing ovation for us too; Clean Air Heating and Cooling Inc.

Our Air Conditioning Products

Willis has gone but we're making sure his invention continues to reach every single home in Canada and continue to improve the levels of comfort for every single homeowner. For this purpose, we are on a mission of selling top notch Air Conditioning products. Our AC's include Duct Air Conditioners as well as Ductless Air Conditioners of renowned brands that include Lennox, Amana, York, and of course the mighty Carrier of Willis Carrier. All the brands that we carry are promising to be durable, reliable and affordable to come in everyone's range.

Our Air Conditioning Services

And guess what? We are not just sellers, we do the complete job. In addition to selling the top-notch product of world-class brands, we also service Air Conditioners. Our AC services include Air Conditioner Installation, Air Conditioner Repair, Air Conditioner Replacement, Air Conditioner Relocation and Air Conditioner Maintenance. We've served several hundred homeowners and have built a fine legacy in the Heating and Cooling home comfort services. Not only that our services are affordable to come in the range of all different budgeted people, they are also among the finest services in Toronto.
Our mission is to keep every home super cool in the hot Summers. For that, we've served and we're continuing to serve. Need to learn more about our services? Connect anytime: 905-201-1293