Oil to Gas Conversion

Chances are that you're tired of spending heavily on your heating and cooling appliances if they run on electricity or oil. If this is the case, it is the time to solve this problem of fatty energy bills and convert appliances from oil/electricity to gas. Owing to the reduced prices of Gas in the recent years, Gas Heating is now the cheapest way of heating in Canada and considered the no# energy source on both industrial and domestic level. Lately, thousands of GTA homeowners have converted their Furnaces, Boilers and Water Heaters to Gas from electric/oil and have successfully been able to reduce their energy bills while also increase appliance efficiency. So if you're living in GTA, it is probably your turn to convert.

Why Convert from Oil/Electric to Gas?

We've already mentioned one primary reason of how converting from Oil to Gas could be beneficial but let us repeat it. Oil is much expensive than gas. By changing the fuel of the appliances, a significant amount of over $1000 can be saved annually. But there's more to the story and here it is:
It is not just the fuel cost, it is also the fuel availability that matters. While the oil is delivered to homes to fill the oil tanks, the delivery may get late in severe weather conditions or due to other emergencies. Contrary to this, gas is directly delivered via gas pipelines and thus the availability is non-stop 24/7. In addition to that, not only the natural gas is environment-friendly and safer to be used compared with oil but is also versatile in nature and thus can be used for other household purposes as well, i.e: Cooking etc. So there are a whole lot of benefits to convert from Oil to Gas.

Clean Air, Gas Heating Conversion

At Clean Air, we're offering the following services:
Oil to Gas Conversion
Electric to Gas conversion
Propane to Gas Conversion
All our Gas Heating Conversion services are economical and reliable. In case, you live or shift to an area of insufficient gas availability, we’ve a solution for that as well. Our veteran technicians also convert home comfort Heating and Cooling appliances from gas to oil or propane in reasonable rates.

Looking for conversion? Seeking a reliable service? Have low budget? Try us! We won't disappoint you!