About Us

Welcome to the official website of Toronto's superior HVAC service provider company, Clean Air Heating and Cooling Services Inc. Serving is our passion and it is our ultimate dream since we started our business, to provide every single GTA home with the best of the best heating and cooling services and keep every home marvellously cool in Summers and warm in Winters. We're proud to have built an HVAC legacy in the GTA and fortunate to have won the hearts of hundreds of customers.

Our Heating & Cooling services and products include;
High-Efficiency Air Conditioners (duct and ductless)
High-Efficiency Furnaces
Residential Water Heaters (Tank and Tankless)
Programmable Thermostats
Gas Fireplace Installation
Gas Pipeline Installation
Efficient Whole Home Humidifiers
and a wide range of other IAQ products

Professional Service with Rates Unparalleled

Here's the big deal that we offer. We only hire technicians that are certified and experienced and it is for this reason that all our technicians are TSSA certified while also have years of experience in the field of HVAC. But as you know, quality services come with a price tag and a tag on quality service is mostly not in everyone's range of affordability. We've gone a step ahead to keep both things together. Our services are among Toronto's best services but at the same time they’re the most affordable ones too. In order to satisfy people of different budgets, we've designed different Protection Plans with different price tags to serve all with a quality service.

Free Quote and 24/7 Customer Care

While there are only a few services in GTA that provide 24/7 customer care services, we have set another exception. Our customer care services are available 24 hours, 12 months and 365 days. We're never unavailable when you need our help. In addition to the customer care services, a free quote estimate can be requested anytime. So whether the thought of purchasing a new HVAC appliance come in the day while you're on a work break or at night when you're in your comfy bed, asking for a free estimate is one click away.

There are numerous reasons why we deserve to be your priority services but the foremost is; Customer Satisfaction is our priority.
For all types of HVAC related questions, queries and consultation, connect with us anytime at 1-866-688-0877