High Efficiency Boilers

While many homeowners use a gas Furnace to heat the indoor air and a Water Heater for hot water provision, there are some smart homeowners too who kill two birds with one arrow. And who they are? They are the ones that make use of residential Boilers. Oh, yeah! So, Congratulations, if you're one such smart homeowner who uses residential Boiler. The best thing about residential Boilers is that they help save lots of energy by doing two jobs with one mechanism. On one hand, the steam heats the indoor air, while on the other hand, water for everyday use is made available. So you can forget about spending separately on Furnace and Water Heaters if a Boiler is a compatible choice for you.
And here you go! We're presenting to you some marvellous Boiler sales and services from your own Clean Air Heating and Cooling Services Inc.

Our Boiler Brands and their specialities

Never would we want to hear an unhappy accident from your end due to a faulty or damaged Boiler and this is true for all our products. We need to make sure that our customers purchase the brightest brand and the rightest model. And for that, we've aligned ourselves with only the reliable names in the market. The boilers we sell are of;

● Dave Lennox
● Slantfin
● Viessmann
● Weil Mclain
and other renowned brands

The reason of carrying the quality products of only the reliable companies is to provide our customers with ultimate air heating and water heating experience. Since home comfort appliances like Boilers can cause serious accidents if they turn out to be faulty and can be risky not only for the property but also for human life, our concerns are greater when it comes to such appliances. And therefore, we not only sell the best of the best residential boilers but also offer installation services at the most affordable rates. Here's more about the products we carry;

Sleek and Stylish Designs

If you've been gifted with a sharp aesthetic sense, you'll be concerned about the looks of every single thing that is a part of your home either they are the things like the curtain and fireplace mantel or the ones like the Thermostats and Boilers. Also, people today are overly concerned about the appearance of the home appliances that they purchase. It is for this reason that we've selected the most adorable Boilers for sale at Clean Air, Viessmann Boilers being on top. Choosing our services will save you the time to find out something to satisfy your aesthetic sense since we've already gathered all the most appealing one's available in the market.

Installation Options

One of the issues that the homeowners face while installing boilers is the compatibility of a boiler with the architecture of the house. The problem no more exist since the Boilers of latest models have a unique feature that allows both vertical and horizontal installation. And we at Clean Air carry them all. Does it sound sane to mess up with your home just to adjust a boiler? Insane indeed! Now, this! An always compatible range of Boilers is here.

Wide range

We carry dozens of Boilers of different makes and difference price range so that no home is left unheated. We totally understand that people have different budgets and not everyone can afford costly models. To make sure we serve people of all different budgets, we're offering the widest range possible. We've high-performance Boilers as well as condensation models. Both these models are energy efficient and thus help save in long run on energy bills.


Who wants to face a sudden appliance breakdown? Certainly, no one! We want you to never face these unhappy incidents and to make sure this does not happen, the boilers we offer come with 5-10 years of warranties. In case your appliance causes problems, anytime a return can be made. You see! We help you play safe.

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