Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance

Make your air conditioner ready for the hot days and nights of summer by our reliable, quality air conditioner repair and maintenance services. For good and efficient running of your central air container it requires proper professional regular maintenance services. Just like your car you need tune it up on a regular basis so it will run properly when you really need it.

A conventional air conditioner may losses about 5% of its efficiency in a year. For example if you have a 12SEER central air conditioning units installed few years ago may be functioning like a 9 SEER unit today. The best thing is that you can do to recover the most of that lost efficiency is by having it regularly maintained by our highly trained and professional HVAC personals at an affordable air conditioner maintenance and diagnostic service charges. A regularly maintained air conditioner can also avoid you from future expensive repair and parts replacement or in worst seniors end up by complete unit replacement.

Preventative air conditioner maintenance services

Clean Air Heating and Cooling proudly offers its quality preventative air conditioner service in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and other GTA areas. Our preventative air condoning service includes complete diagnose of your air conditioner, cleaning the entire air conditioner unit to avoid future growth to bacteria and mold on the outer unit of air conditioner. Checking the pressure of refrigerant line. Additional tune-up if required. Part replacement if needed. After each preventative maintenance done our technician check the on off cycle of air conditioner to make sure its energy efficiency and reliable safe operation.

Call us now at 905-201-1293 and book preventative air conditioner maintenance today and get ready to beat the heat this summer and enjoy cool cozy summers.

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Toronto Heating and Cooling Emergency Services

Furnace / Boiler / Tankless Water Heater or Air Conditioner not working! Suddenly stopped! Well this is an emergency situation. Call us now at 905-201-1293 Clean Air Heating and Cooling is offering reliable 24/7 emergency heating and air conditioning maintenance service in Toronto, Mississauga and its nearby areas. No matter which heating and cooling brand installed at your home our factory trained and experience personnel can perform emergency maintenance services on most commonly used Toronto HVAC appliances.