Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance

Goes without saying that without proper maintenance and professional repair your Air Conditioner is less likely to last for long. These two things; Maintenance and Repair work as a fuel for Air Conditioners and in general for all other appliances. Maintenance keeps the unit in supreme condition while a professional repair whenever the need arises revives the unit to its prior condition to provide ultimate cooling. Contrary to this, appliances that are kept without maintenance show repair signs often and at times face sudden breakdowns as well. Similarly, repairs that are done by unprofessional hands worsen a unit's overall condition giving way to more repairs, part replacements and other such issues. To make both Maintenance and Repair easy for GTA homeowners, we are offering compact heating and cooling solutions that include Air Conditioner Maintenance as well as Air Conditioner Repair.

Preventive Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

Why wait until your AC seeks repair? Why not take preventive measures to seal the causes that have the potential to cause repair? As you might already know; Repair is always costlier than Maintenance, it is wise to spend on Maintenance than to spend on repairs. We at Clean Air have drafted Protection Plans to allow homeowners enjoy exclusive yearly Maintenance while also making savings of hundreds of dollars. Subscribing to our Protection Plan, homeowners can now have for their appliances professional Maintenance check up that is guaranteed to be preventive and save the units from emergency repairings.

Reliable Air Conditioner Repair Services

There is a reason why we used ''Reliable'' with repairs. And you can understand the reason behind that if you've ever been looted by an HVAC company. What? How come an HVAC company turn into a robber? Looting is not done by robbers alone. There are services that do this too and ask how? Several HVAC services contractors delude their customers to replace even when a repair is possible. They would spend hours convincing the individuals why should they better say bye to their old Air Conditioner and buy a new one. Eventually, most homeowners end up purchasing new units while they'd called the contractor for repair. Whose loss? The customer's!

Why us?

We make sure our customers don't face any such condition and it is for this reason that we not only have the most brilliant and experienced staff but also the most honest one. We let you know when your appliance needs repair and when it needs replacement. In addition to giving honest analysis, we also provide repairs that last for longer and also hinder possibilities of future repairs. All that you seek in a professional service is what is available right here at Clean Air.

Looking for Air Conditioner annual maintenance or a quick repair? Choose the best service provider for your AC. Choose us!