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Think of what maximum home comfort could feel like. That is what you'd be able to enjoy now in your home regardless of the changing seasons and weathers. And guess how? With our exclusive heating and cooling home comfort system and services. Living in severe climate conditions like that of Canada, it is quite a challenge to maintain indoor comfort. Things go out of hand in summers as a result of heat as equally as they do in the freezing cold winters. Only an efficient heating system and an energy saving cooling system can keep both the home and the homeowners comfortable as well as happy. To meet these HVAC residential needs, Clean Air is here!

Ultra cool cooling and ultra warm heating services

Whether you are worried about your home's cooling system or have a hard time maintaining warmth in the indoors, Clean Air promises to resolve the concerns with its experienced technicians, latest tools and professional skills. Our heating and cooling services include;
- Furnace Sales & Services
- Air Conditioner Sales & Services (Central and Split)
- Air Cleaners and HRV System Sales & Services
- Whole-home Humidifiers
- Thermostats
- Water Heaters
and other HVAC accessories.
In addition to providing the basic HVAC services, we also offer the following;
- Duct Installation, Duct Cleaning and Duct Insulation Services
- Home Insulations and Home Inspection Services
- Gas Pipeline and Gas Fireplace Installation Services
- Red Tag Furnace inspection and untagging Services

To keep it short, we have it all that you want to maintain a pleasant and comfortable indoor environment. And the great news is; we are always here to fulfil your HVAC needs on our toll-free 1-866-688-0877.

Why choose us over others?

Keeping homes comfortable isn't as easy as it may appear. Hire a wrong tech and you'll know what we mean by this. It is not just about installing an appliance that makes the home comfortable. The size of the unit, the temperature, the maintenance, the energy bills, the differing heating and cooling needs of family members, the easy HVAC controls, the IAQ, the sufficient humidity and there's a long list that is associated with creating a comfortable environment. And it is a reliable HVAC product seller and service provider that can make sure you get them all.

Clear Air has been serving homeowners for many years. We deserve to be your priority service for being certified, professional and experienced technicians who know how exactly to answer all your HVAC questions and needs. Why waiting? Connect today; 905-201-1293

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