The significant energy consume by home heating and air conditioning appliances as they are in operation throughout year. Therefore it's important before selecting any HVAC appliances go through its energy guide and specs, as undersized or oversized systems can perform very poorly.

At Clean Air Heating and Cooling Inc. we assure the lowest operation costs on every fully installed HVAC appliance. Call us now, one of our trained professional home advisor will help you in choosing right appliance according to your home heating and air condition requirements.

However power humidifier has couple of same Electro Mechanical components with additional Fan. Power humidifier is ideal for those homes without basements, homes built on concrete slabs, and those where the furnace and HVAC system are located in a closet or garage

Our way of choosing product and its installation are mentioned below :
→ Expert and Experienced Home comfort Advisor
→ Prompt Service Response
→ More than one Heating and air conditioning brands to choose from.
→ Every home is individually measured and Sized
→ Competitive Product Prices
→ Rebates and Promotional offers
→ Licensed Qualified and Professionally Trained Technicians
→ Professional installation
→ Long Standing Well Established HVAC contracting Company
→ Full Service company from start to Finish and Beyond

Emergency Furnace, Boiler, Water Heater and Air condoner Repair

Your comfort is our goal, no matter what heating and air condition brand installed in your home. Call us now at 905-201-1293 our 24/7 emergency service assures efficient reliable working of furnace, boiler, water heater, tankless water heater and air conditioning during coldest and hottest Toronto days.

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