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Side effects of choosing unprofessionals

Have you been paying high energy bills lately? Did you just purchase a brand new appliance and it is now giving compromised efficiency in a few weeks? Does your heating/cooling appliances seek frequent repairs? If you are facing all or any of the above-mentioned problems, let us guess; you have been relying on unprofessional HVAC services.
Did you know that high energy bills are not always the consequence of over usage? Many times, the reason is the unprofessional service given. Guess how? Improper installation, faulty repairs and insufficient maintenance/tune-up, affect the appliance's efficiency. As a result, it has to work harder to cool/warm the indoor. The longer it operates, the higher the energy bills would be, the frequent the repairs and the less the comfort. It is for this reason that we tell homeowners to be generous and wise when it comes to servicing their HVAC appliance for they don't come in pennies, they are in fact among the heavy investments that you make. So don't give these highly invested appliances in the hands of any John and Jerry.

Reliable retailers & responsive services

Choosing the right servicemen matters but did you know, the recipe for comfort does not complete without first choosing the right retailer? How can a faulty appliance provide you with ultimate comfort? And how can you be sure of the appliance's quality when you purchase it from a random retailer? It is for this reason that we suggest homeowners to consult professionals when purchasing an appliance to not end up purchasing a wrong unit and also purchase from certified dealers only. All prominent brands have mentioned their authorized dealers on their website; it is at one click to search whether or not the dealer you are purchasing from is a certified dealer.
Clean Air Heating and Cooling is proud to be a reliable retailer of several HVAC brands and a reliable HVAC service provider for almost all the heating & cooling needs.
If you have always longed for comfort in the indoors but have never enjoyed what you exactly wanted, Clean Air knows how to bring you that comfort with care!
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