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Do you have your Furnace Tagged Red?

It creates an ultimate restlessness, when in the midst of extreme winter, your home Furnace breaks down or falls into a serious repair need. Homeowners often have to face the scenario of Red Tag Furnace in which the gas supply to the Furnace is disconnected until the necessary repairs are made. Since in this situation, a Furnace cannot be operated, it becomes difficult to survive the cold blows. And due to extreme weather conditions, even the HVAC technicians can't reach in time when homeowners are in desperate need. Clean Air understands these needs and necessities of Etobicoke homeowners and therefore, comes with solutions for Red Tag Furnaces. Being certified professionals, we are eligible to inspect, repair and untag your Furnace. And to be there always, we have our call services open 24/7 to take your calls and reach you in the least possible time. The next time, you get a Red Tag, know that a service is there in your area that you can rely on; Clean Air Heating and Cooling service!

Are you looking for fuel conversion?

HVAC appliances run on one fuel or the other. Since the prices of fuels Gas, Propane, Oil etc keep changing, it sometimes becomes difficult to continue running an appliance on a particular fuel and conversion remains the only economical choice. Other times, due to the unavailability of a particular fuel, homeowners shift their appliances from one fuel to another. We, the Clean Air HVAC specialists are not just retailers and installers, we are also experts at fuel changing. No matter where you live in Etobicoke, if you have plans to convert your heating and cooling appliances from Propane, Electricity, Natural Gas, Oil to some other fuel, consider us again. We'll ensure your comfort in the most professional ways and most affordable rates.

Appliances can't go good on their own unless they are given a due and professional service regularly. To keep your HVAC appliances going with a professional and efficient operation, make sure they are handled with care by professionals for their installation, maintenance, repair as well as relocation needs. A professional is after all a professional. Need help? Connect now; 905-201-1293

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