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Living in homes with heating and cooling appliances installed, it is no wonder to fall into the worries of maintenance & repair. But even before this comes, there comes the matter of choosing the right brands and the right retailers. Interestingly, most homeowners go randomly for random brands and are even more headless when it comes to the retailers. Remember that one of the most important decisions that you'll make for your home's HVAC comfort is; 1. Choosing the right brand and compatible unit, 2. Choosing the right and certified retailer. Making mistakes in these initial decisions will lead you to long term worries and will devoid you and your family from the type of comfort that you could otherwise easily have gained and attained.

Clean Air - Certified HVAC retailer!

To make your very first decisions right, Clean Air vows to assist you as much as it can. We are a certified HVAC dealer but more than that; we are not just sellers. Our goal is not sales but right sales. To make your home comfortable, our HVAC specialists will guide you on appliances and would suggest you the best matches for your home. So here, we get your first very important decisions right. We care! Did you just see how?

Our HVAC services in East York

In addition to sales of all kinds of heating & cooling appliances, Clean Air goes a few steps ahead by offering complete HVAC services. It begins from installation of the appliances, goes to their maintenance & repair and ends at their replacement/relocation. And more than that, we also cover under our HVAC solutions, related HVAC needs like; Duct Cleaning, Home Insulation, Fuel Conversion, Home Inspection, Pipeline Installation, Fireplace Installation, Duct Installation and some others. We are your ''all solutions at one spot'' service.

If you have always had a hard time maintaining your indoor comfort, let this comfort control now go in the hands of Clean Air. We are specialists that care. You can imagine what could be the outcome of this combo. Whether you are planning a purchase, looking for maintenance or desperately need an urgent repair of any one your HVAC appliances, just leave us a quick call at; 905-201-1293

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