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How many home comfort heating and cooling appliances are you using in your Burlington home? An Air Conditioner, A Furnace, a Thermostat to control these two and probably a few more HVAC gadgets to increase the indoor comfort level. But how many of your appliances are energy efficient? Did you know that you can enjoy an equal level of comfort in almost half the price by installing Energy Star products and appliances?

Energy efficient appliances and why you should buy them

As the name suggests, energy efficient appliances make wise and limited use of energy. Basically, an appliance that is Energy Star/energy efficient makes use of limited energy to undergo the given task of operating appliances. This makes energy conservation possible and the conserved energy can help operate other appliances or help reduce the energy bills as the energy consumption drops. It should be noted that in recent years, emphasize has been put on energy efficient appliances and only the appliance manufactured in the recent years are truly energy efficient. The Furnace, the AC or all the other HVAC appliances that have been installed in your home since the time of your grand most probably are not energy efficient and here's what you need to do about it; Convert to energy efficient appliance!

Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling appliances in Burlington

Escalate the level of comfort in your home and reduce the burden on your pocket by making a shift to energy-efficient appliances. At Clean Air Heating and Cooling service, we carry top-notch HVAC brands that offer energy efficient appliances of varying variety. We carry both Split and Central Air Conditioners that offer energy efficient units of 16-23 SEER while carry Furnaces of 95%-98% AFUE. In addition, the Smart Thermostats that we carry help save up to 15% on energy bills while also make remote control possible of home's HVAC system through anywhere in the world.

Quick cool and professional installation

Once you make the decision of shifting to energy efficient appliances, make another wise decision and that is of installing those appliances from professionals. At Clean Air we are not only certified HVAC dealers, we are also professional HVAC installers and are ready to help you give that change to your Burlington home that it desperately seeks. Call today: 905-201-1293

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