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Imagine how life in the indoors would be without Air Conditioning in summers and without Furnace in winters? Imagine yourself sweating on summer days as you do the home chores and shivering on winter evenings as you move around in your home. Life seems stuck when we are not able to suffice for our body’s temperature needs and while we can manage to combat the outdoor temperature swings using shawls, umbrellas, drinks and other such things, the same remedies can't be repeated in the indoor for all those long hours that we spend there. The best solution, therefore, turns out to be; tunning the indoor temperature to align it with our bodily needs. So a very big thanks to the heating and cooling appliances that make our indoors desirable and make us feel like home. But hey! Did you know that installation of appliances is not the only solution for home comfort? There's more to the story and here it is;

Quality appliances, professional services

Having any home comfort HVAC appliance doesn't promise comfort. For comfort, the formula is;
- Quality and energy efficient appliances
- Regular and proper maintenance
- Intime repairs
- Limited and proper use

Following the formula and that too entirely, ensures that your indoor will feel as cool as you feel in any super comfy indoor. Unfortunately, many Ajax homeowners, despite having heating and cooling appliances installed in their indoors lack the comfort they should be experiencing and the reason is; Improper or improperly installed appliances, lack of maintenance and delaying of repairs. We understand that life has become busy and it is difficult to keep up all these tasks on a regular basis. To make things easy and comfortable for Ajax homeowners, Clean Air Heating and Cooling service is here to provide with prompt and professional HVAC services. We have quality appliances and professional services. Carrying all the top-notch brands of Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Water Heaters, Boilers, Thermostats, Humidifiers, Air Cleaners, we also have with us professionals that are experts at installation, maintenance, repair, replacement, diagnosis and relocation of all makes and models of HVAC appliances.

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