White-Rodgers Thermostats

1F97-1277 Emerson Blue 12" Touchscreen Single Stage Thermostat

Emerson Blue 12 Square-Inch Touchscreens offer more features, delivering a new level of comfort to your customers.

Simple and logical installer menu set-up and programming and operation are enhanced with audio confirmation of touchscreen entries. Features like variable touchscreen security to prevent tampering, temporary and vacation overrides,and filter change reminders add convenience.

Blue touchscreen thermostats include humidity control, programmable fan and remote sensing, as well as the exclusive Cool Savings™ feature and heat pump dual fuel control, providing the ultimate in comfort control. Our +/- 1 ° temperature accuracy will keep your customers comfortable and protect their HVAC systems.

Emerson Blue is the result of smart, innovative thinking. Install Blue with confidence because it’s exclusivelyfor the professional trade. See back for all the specifications.


Product Features

Exclusive Blue Features

- Humidity control – 1F95-1291 - Dual fuel capable with Smart Fuel Logic Program or outdoor temperature sensor – 1F95-1291

- Dual fuel with outdoor temperature sensor – 1F97/95-1277

- Large,12 square-inch display with 10-second backlight

- Exclusive Cool Savings™ feature saves energy during peak A/C demand periods

- Remote sensing indoor or outdoor and at the thermostat

- Programmable fan

- Automatic daylight savings option