Slantfin Boilers

Victory VHS Series Gas Boiler

For Value And Reliability, Victory VHS Is Your Smart Choice
The quality built Victory VHS boiler provides everything you want in a sealed combustion boiler – chimney-less installation, economical price, comfort and safety. It is a reliable cast-iron boiler with a lifetime limited warranty.

- Input: 60,000 to 180,000 Btu/hr
- No chimney required
- Economically priced


Product Features

Installation versatility - no chimney required

Save construction costs and allow more living space with a Victory VHS sealed combustion boiler. A chimney is not required, so it can be installed in in a closet size space and vented directly through a wall with 3" stainless steel piping. It’s ideal for homes, apartments, condos and any application where a chimney may not be practical or where an old chimney has deteriorated.

Flexibility In Venting

Chimney or "Type B" venting - with galvanized or stainless steel pipe. Natural draft venting for VHS 90 through VHS 180 boilers. (see manual)

Contractor Friendly Features Speed Installation and Reduce Service Time

- Horizontal flue outlet with 3-inch connector for better performance.

- Condensate drain is built into the flue discharge assembly.

- Drain tube for condensate is factory installed.

- Junction box for power connection.

- Pressure switch is the same for all boiler sizes and all altitudes.

- Intermittent pilot "spark" ignition saves energy.

Cast-iron confidence, Field proven reliability

The Victory VHS is Canada's best built gas boiler – backed by a lifetime warranty. Its cast-iron design is recognized by heating professionals everywhere as the longest lasting, most durable heat exchanger material.

Installer friendly features engineered into Victory VHS boilers speed installation and service. Factory installed flue discharge components save field assembly.