Carrier Thermostats

Performance Edge Programmable Thermostat TP-PHP

This versatile and beautiful Edge thermostat can manage any Performance™ or Comfort™series system.Its slim, wall-hugging design1 gives you up to seven faceplate color options so you can customize your look. It's capable of managing temperatures, ventilation, airflow and indoor air quality. This model is configured for systems using a heat pump for cooling and seasonal heating.


Product Features

- Intuitive, on-screen prompts
- Large, illuminated display shows nside and outside1 temperatures and time
- Comes with attractive silver faceplate
- Intelligent, heating- and-cooling comfort staging capable
- Auto changeover between heating and cooling
- Ventilation management capable
- Day-at-a-glance 7-day, up to 4 periods per day programming
- Vacation hold programming
- Timed filter and UV lamp replacement reminders
- 10-year parts limited warranty2


- Individual faceplate options in gold luster, saddlebrush, onyx, espresso, natural grain and quartz colors
- Wall hugging profile achieved when equipment control module portion of the thermostat is mounted to the furnace or fan coil
- PC computer interface capable using Carrier Exp digital memory card
- Application of remote sensor to feed information to the main control from a different location
- Outside air temperature sensor


- Excellent temperature management with intelligent system staging1
- Ventilation management capable
- Controls system airflow
- Permanent system settings and 9-hour clock setting retention in case of power failure


- Programming capable up to 4 periods/day 7 independent days/week
- Simple system connection allows use with older Carrier system components
- Designed for system applications where a heat pump is providing cooling and seasonal heating


- Battery free
- Powered by connection to major system components


- Sleek, functional design
- Large, backlit LCD display
- Dimensions: 5.2"H x 5.2"W x .9-1.3"D
- Silver faceplate included
- Optional: choice of gold luster, saddlebrush, onyx, espresso, natural grain or quartz faceplate colors